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Student organizations

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The Faculty of Management students develop their interests and practical skills by taking an active part in many scientific groups and youth organizations.

Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship
The project focuses on providing practical knowledge and good business examples to the students. The Incubator helps the students to set up their own companies, which in the future might become thriving enterprises.

An international student organization which helps young people in the discovery of their own potential and development of the issues of their interest. The organization promotes a positive model of leadership, based on cultural sensitivity, active learning ability, enterprise and social responsibility.

Business Centre Club
BCC student forum provides the students with acquiring practical skills in the field of business in the course of studies. The variety of projects and enterprises carried out with the participation of the students enables them to learn the realities of enterprises' functioning on the market.

The group attracts students mainly dealing with mix promotion, in particular advertising. The basic aim of its activity is creating a bridge between the theory and practice of advertising.

The group attracts students who wish to get to know the practical aspects of the studied issues in the scope of accounting and taxes. The members' meetings are a confrontation of the obtained theory with the practice of economic life.

The group deepens the knowledge in the field of transport, helps to get internship in the best enterprises, organizes meetings with experienced managers.

The basic aim of the group is to promote interest in scientific and research work in the scope of logistics and logistics management in the students environment.

Young Entrepreneurs
The group popularizes knowledge and practice in the scope of management, particularly using quantitative methods in management.

The group attracts students interested in modern financial analysis of an enterprise based on financial reporting.

Quality Promoter
The group creates an opportunity to obtain Quality Management System ISO 9001 internal auditor and Integrated Systems internal auditor certificates.

'Per Pedes and Yeti' Student Tourist Scientific Group
The group operates in tourism. Its greatest attraction is organizing a spectacular tourist expedition once a year.

Computer Scientist
The group deals with deepening knowledge of modern information technology used in the processes of market analysis and in enterprise management.

The group concentrates on establishing cooperation with small and medium enterprises localized in Poland and in the European Union in order to learn practical aspects of their activity and create new research areas in this sector of economy.