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Pedro Pereira da Silva Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja S.A. Concern Managing Director Polish-Portugese Chamber of Commerce Chairman

The Faculty of Management is open to various forms of cooperation with business in the sphere of science and education. It organizes trainings and postgraduate studies. Its highly qualified specialist staff provides research and consulting services and prepares expert evaluations for economic subjects. The Faculty offers the best, selected graduates for managerial positions to the business. Offering the candidates apprenticeships in companies is a chance to get acquainted with them.

From a few to a few dozens of international and national conferences are organized by the Faculty each year. Their subject matter includes the presentation of the latest trends and solutions in various areas of modern business. They are also dedicated to solving current operational, tactical and strategic problems which companies face in their activities. Invitations to the conferences are addressed not only to schools, but also to enterprises, banks, self-government units and organizations of different kinds.

The Faculty of Management is able to organize symposiums, conferences and seminars in cooperation with national and foreign companies. Its chief asset in this area is a large and modern conference base and a longstanding experience in organization of this type of events.

The Faculty of Management realizes a programme called 'People of big business in the academic environment'. Chairmen and directors of the biggest Polish and foreign concerns meet the Faculty students and employees, sharing their experiences in the field of management. Thanks to those meetings the Faculty has at its disposal a particular and very precious store of knowledge about functioning of big business.

Enterprises may actively support Polish science by sponsoring the educational-scientific base, equipment, publications, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other important scientific and educational undertakings realized by the Faculty of Management.