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Third Age University

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The Third Age University attached to the Faculty of Management of Czestochowa University of Technology has been active since October 2004. Over 400 people, representing various occupations, study there.
The University's schedule is planned for the whole academic year and includes every day of the week. On Mondays students attend the swimming pool and participate in dancing classes. The Artistic Group 'Werniks' meetings also take place on this day. Tuesday is scheduled for 'Canto Cantare' choir activities, as well as drawing classes. On Wednesday and Thursday students learn foreign languages: English, Russian, French, German, and Italian, and also take computer classes. An additional attraction of those days are meetings of 'Fraszka' Literary Club members. On Friday there are lectures on various fields of knowledge: literature, history of art, health, music, astronomy, recreation, and poetry, and also there are meetings of photography club. Saturday is a day when one can demonstrate physical fitness during yoga classes.

Apart from the classes, the Third Age University students take part in many cultural events. Trips to theatre, concert hall, Gaude Mater Culture Promotion Centre, attractive trips, expeditions, sleigh rides, and walks are organized. The University organizes traditional Christmas and Easter meetings. The students also visit lonely and ill persons.

By taking part in the classes the Third Age University students fulfil their passions. 'Canto Cantare' choir concerts, books promotions and literary competitions are organized. The most recently published book is a poetry volume 'Poetry lives in the backstreets. Works on Czestochowa' containing a collection of poems written by the 'Fraszka' Literary Club. The University organizes previews during which paintings, artistic fabrics and photographs made by the students are presented.

The Third Age University attached to the Faculty of Management cooperated among others with Battle Against Cancer Academy, Czestochowa Municipal Council' Department of Culture and Art, Zycie Czestochowy newspaper editors, Gaude Mater Culture Promotion Centre. Reports of the concerts and previews are shown on Orion TV, and also presented in Zycie Czestochowy and in the local supplement to Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.

Outstanding specialists in various fields of life, Czestochowa Theatre actors, and artists visit the Third Age University.

The Third Age University proves that one's age is not an obstacle in acquiring knowledge and improving one's skills. Thanks to joint meetings and studying the life of its participants becomes more joyful and interesting. Constant popularity and a still increasing number of the University's students proves the need to develop this kind of initiatives.