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External Educational Centre in Bedzin

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External Educational Centre in Bedzin was set up in 2003. It is located on Promyka 26 street. There are teaching rooms, a computer room and a library.

The Centre offers three-year bachelor's degree studies (full-time and extramural) in the Management field of study, with the access to about 10 attractive specialities. It is being planned to consistently enrich this offer with new fields of study and specialities, resulting from the needs of the local job market. There will also be postgraduate studies conducted in the Centre.

The External Educational Centre in Bedzin students make use of all facilities available in the Faculty of Management headquarters and take part in its scientific, cultural and sports life.

The Faculty of Management authorities cooperate with District Authorities in Bedzin, aiming at a comprehensive modernization of the centre's headquarters. The main aim of these activities is to create a modern and functional building for the students, fitted with multimedia lecture theatres, laboratories, conference rooms as well as gastronomic and social bases. After the modernization the building will become an important centre of Bedzin's education, science and culture, serving the region's local community.