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The organization of Faculty of Management

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The faculty is managed by the dean and four deputy deans, in charge of respectively: science, teaching, programme-organization issues, and extramural courses. The Council of Faculty is the collegial body.

Scientific and teaching work is concentrated in institutes, departments and independent units. Institutes are managed by head teachers, and departments and independent units are managed by directors. The size of particular units fluctuates around from a few to over thirty university teachers. Among them there are professors, lecturers, assistants, and senior lecturers. The Faculty's organizational structure is complemented by the administration. It is composed of deaneries, the dean's office, a publishing house, and departments in care of finances as well as the service and fixed assets of the Faculty.

The organization of the Faculty is to a large extent based on task structures. Many specialist teams and committees fulfilling important aims connected with the development and improvement of the unit operate there.

The management of the Faculty is based on the best world models. The high effectiveness and efficiency of actions is achieved by decentralization and moderate formalization. Up-to-date techniques of human resources management combined with tasks and employees-oriented style are preferred. The management is characterized by a high quality of realization of its basic functions: planning, organization, leadership, and control. Making decisions is supported by computer methods, heuristic techniques and opinions of experts.

The Faculty, being a leader in the field of management, not only educates future managers, but also implements its best solutions into its own science and education systems.