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The education of the Faculty of Management students is based on the most progressive ideas: adjusting educational offers to the needs of the market, fulfilling the students' needs in the processes of didactic and non-didactic services, the highest standards of education, integration of teaching with business, creation of talents.

In the Faculty of Management, as well as in the whole university, there is a points system of receiving credits in effect, which enables the students to do a part of their studies in foreign academic centres, including the ones in the European Union.
MSc, bachelor's degree and engineer studies

MSc, bachelor's degree and engineer studies

The Faculty offers bachelor's degree/engineer studies (1st degree) and MSc studies (2nd degree) realized in the full-time or extramural system in the following fields of study:


Each field of study creates from a few to a few dozens of attractive specialities, chosen by students in the second year of studies.

The Faculty equips the students with knowledge and skills, enabling them to hold prominent positions in enterprises and national, international and global concerns, as well as in the union, nation and self-government administration organs.

The classes are conducted with the use of the latest audiovisual methods and techniques. It is enabled by the Faculty's modern infrastructure based on perfectly equipped teaching rooms and laboratories. Presentations in the Microsoft Power Point program, educational films, case studies, company materials, are just an example of aids consequently used during lectures, classes, and seminars.

A very important supplement to the educational processes are apprenticeship and trips to enterprises, as well as meetings with people of big business.

In an effort to meet the students' needs, the Faculty offers individual organization and schedule and teaching programme studies.

All the Faculty's computer labs have access to the Internet. The students can use the Web both during classes and fixed hours outside classes. The Faculty has a Media Connect 6300 videoconference terminal at its disposal. This device is used for group work and ensures the highest quality of connections. It is used for presentations of lectures carried out in other schools and to connect with various national and foreign scientific centres and companies.

To ensure the highest standards of teaching, the Faculty has implemented the Teaching Quality Improvement System. Procedures detailed below are used for the evaluation of the course and quality of didactic processes conformity.

  1. Obligatory evaluation of the scientific-didactic staff based on specifically made, detailed mark sheets.
  2. Controls and inspections of classes conducted by the dean, deputy deans, and individual Faculty organization units directors.
  3. The course of didactic processes evaluation surveys of the students carried out at the end of semesters, and analysed by a committee set up for this purpose.
  4. The evaluation of the whole course of study at Czestochowa University of Technology surveys, filled by graduates after their diploma exam.
  5. Nobelek' awards, awarded by the students to the best university teachers of the Faculty (the competition is organized by AIESEC and the Student Government)

Thanks to numerous facilities, the Faculty of Management is open to the disabled. The ground floor is located at the ground's level, and lifts enable access to all rooms on higher storeys. Ramps, special toilet rooms fittings, allocated parking spaces, are other examples of solutions facilitating the education of the disabled. The Main Library and faculty libraries are fitted with portable electronic magnifying glasses. The Faculty has Oticon Amigo T5 transmitters with microphones and appropriate receivers with headphones. Induct phonic loops have been installed in a few rooms.

Faculty of management graduates are specialists valued and sought after on the local and national job markets.

European Faculty of Engineering
This is a unit enabling education in English language within the fields of study conducted by individual Faculties of Czestochowa University of Technology. The studies take place in a two-level system engineering first (Bachelor of Science), and then Master of Science. A part of them is a so-called mobility semester, i.e. a semester of study in one of European schools financed by the Socrates-Erasmus programme. The Faculty of Management offers studies in the Business and Technology field of studying in the European Faculty of Engineering system. It creates specialists combining technical and economic knowledge, who can creatively respond to new challenges of European and world business. Their target workplaces are foreign concerns.

Postgraduate studies
They last 2 or 3 semesters. They are destined for higher education institutions graduates who wish to broaden and supplement their education, including the scope of the latest achievements of science and technology. Completing them raises employees' qualifications, often resulting in promotion and pay rise in national enterprises. Example fields of study of postgraduate studies realized in the Faculty of Management are detailed below:
Accounting and taxes in managing economy units
Managing industrial safety
Enterprise and managing a company
Fixed property management
Management in local government units
Organization and management of education
European project management
Human resources management in organizations
Postgraduate studies in a specific discipline or speciality may be conducted on external economic subjects' orders, provided an adequate number of participants enrol.

Specialist courses
Intensive training courses, conducted on external economic subjects' orders, are oriented at raising the qualifications of the personnel in the most important areas of the company's functioning. Effective sales, the customers' satisfaction level research, benchmarking, integrated promotion, quality improvement, innovation enhancement, are example areas of training courses which can improve the company's competitiveness on the market. Investment in their own personnel's knowledge and skills leads to a rise in profits and development of every organization.