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Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz

The Faculty of Management professors, lecturers and assistants accomplish a few dozens of scientific-research topics as part of statutory research or their own research. The leading direction of the research is called Integrated management of an enterprise and engineering of production. It is conformable with the concept of the social and economic development of the country and oriented at new trends in managing enterprises. Scientific research carried out are aimed at adjusting management to the European Union's market reality and at outlining innovation and competitiveness-oriented strategic directions to Polish enterprises. The Faculty employees also receive grants and take part in programmes financed with European funds.

The result of scientific-research activity is represented in Polish and foreign publications in the form of books, textbooks, articles, and papers. The Faculty's scientific staff published almost 1000 such works in 2008.
The Faculty of Management organizes national and international scientific conferences and seminars. Moreover, every year its employees participate in over 100 scientific events of various kinds taking place nationally and abroad, including other continents. Their presence in the world science is proven by innovative concepts and solutions presented in an open forum in foreign languages.

As part of international contacts the crucial role is played by connections with foreign scientific centres. The Faculty of Management cooperates with schools located in the following countries: Egypt, Slovakia, Great Britain, Belarus, Germany, China, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, and Romania.

The most important effects of international and interschool cooperation are created doctoral and postdoctoral theses. The Faculty is entitled to confer the title of economic sciences doctor. Each year its scientific staff is expanded by a few dozens of doctors, doctors with post-doctoral degrees, and full professors. Outstanding scientists are also recruited by means of external recruitment.

The Faculty of Management cyclically invites recognized scientific authorities to be visiting lecturers and meet the students. Recently our unit has been visited by: professor Leszek Balcerowicz, professor Grzegorz Kolodko, professor Longin Pastusiak, professor Ryszard Bugaj, and professor Jerzy Buzek.

The scientific staff of the Faculty of Management supports with their activities such organizations as, Polish Academy of Sciences, Learned Society of Organization and Management, Polish Economic Society, International Society for Inventory Research, The Academy of Marketing Science among others.

Each year Science Days are organized, during which one can get acquainted with the Faculty's achievements and with current trends and directions in the world science.